Outcome 26

Outcome 26 is a working group designed to oversee the administration of the 2018-2023 strategic plan over the five-year plan period.


  • Michelle Brunette
  • Ben Demianiuk
  • Patrick Harrop
  • Michelle Laurence
  • Justin Lemieux
  • Shelly Moore-Frappier
  • Sean Pearson
  • Christine Robinson
  • Kristy Rousseau
  • Mitch Seguin
  • Shelley Watson


Terms of Reference

  1. The group will report to the President.
  2. The group will meet monthly (or as required) throughout the life of the Strategic Plan, beginning in Spring 2018 and ending with the completion of the plan in 2023.
  3. The group will support the other working groups and colleagues in their accomplishment of the 25 outcomes.
  4. The group will advise and support colleagues in determining appropriate metrics and performance indicators that track the achievement of the 25 outcomes.
  5. The group will lead and encourage colleagues throughout the university community to engage in social media efforts to promote the plan.
  6. The group will be responsible for maintaining the strategic plan website, including providing regular updates to the content and monitoring the input from contributors.
  7. The group will meet periodically with ET sponsors and colleagues working on the 25 outcomes to offer support, facilitate communication among the groups, identify emerging synergistic and antagonistic overlaps between outcomes, and ensure that the plan remains a focus for leaders across campus.
  8. The group will assist the President to conduct and communicate a mid-plan review of progress in 2020, as per the Board of Governors’ advice.
  9. The group will model and encourage colleagues to use social media to promote the plan and communicate efforts related to the plan, using the hashtag #imagine2023.