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Robert Haché


Oct 26
At Laurentian, we have a special opportunity – indeed a special obligation – to show the world how a future of technology can also be a sustainable future, grounded in the moral, social and societal values of which we can all be proud. #imagine2023

The North inspires us

We will be a hub for arts and culture, increasing awareness of the artistic and cultural contributions of Indigenous, Franco-Ontarian, and other Northern artists.

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Student success is our success

Laurentian students in all faculties will benefit from enhanced leadership development and experiential learning across the institution, in community and industry settings, as we will double the number of work and experiential learning opportunities.

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Student success is our success

Laurentian students will benefit from enhanced services and infrastructure that support writing and information literacy, advising, academic planning, administrative services, and progress tracking.

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Relationships are our priority

We will ensure that appropriate resources are in place to promote and foster inclusion, acceptance, and respect for the diversity that exists within our campus community.

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Laurentian University promotes collaboration through interdisciplinary programs and research.

Local impact
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