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sandra dorman


Mar 7
Thank you for listening to our kids #ourkidsarecountingonus #imagine2023. ⁦@MarcSerreMP⁩ ⁦@MPLefebvre⁩ ⁦@cathmckenna⁩ https://t.co/41Nem5Rt9t

The North inspires us

We will enhance our relationships with municipalities, agencies, organizations, First Nations, and Indigenous communities, with a coordinated approach to creating beneficial initiatives for the North.

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Student success is our success

Laurentian students in all faculties will benefit from enhanced leadership development and experiential learning across the institution, in community and industry settings, as we will double the number of work and experiential learning opportunities.

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Curiosity drives our research

We will be leaders in sustainable community development because of our contributions to social innovation and policy research.

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Relationships are our priority

We will ensure that appropriate resources are in place to promote and foster inclusion, acceptance, and respect for the diversity that exists within our campus community.

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Laurentian University excels in education and research on health and well‐being.

Francophone Cultures and Language:

Laurentian University is renowned for fostering Franco‐Ontarian cultural institutions.

Local impact
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