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The North inspires us

We will incorporate a holistic approach to wellness in our everyday practices as we embrace the beautiful natural environment that our campus offers, informed by the Okanagan Charter: An International Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges (2015).

We're proud to adopt the @OkanaganCharter, to embed health into all aspects of our campus culture. Nous sommes fiers d'adopter la Charte de l'Okanagan afin d'intégrer la santé dans tous les aspects de la culture de notre campus.#Imagine2023 https://t.co/qnnuFQlvqT
Jun 25
@PierreZundel #PlusFortsEnsemble #Bilinguisme #Inclusion #Diversite #Imagine2023 #Wellness learn about your own wellness to lead a good life @LULorthoSLP
May 8
Next Monday @cbcideas will spend an hour discussing "The Sudbury Miracle". Many of our faculty members, including @NMykytczuk, @nbasiliko, John Gunn and Peter Beckett share their expertise on the 40-year re-greening project.Tune in at 9 p.m.!#Imagine2023https://t.co/IXqVDeEMCN
Apr 18
Dr. Ann Pegoraro


@wonmouegnan1 Sorry to miss day 1!! see you all tomorrow morning to continue the work @LU_Rowing @Eger24 @sandradorman1 @AlisonAGodwin @BarbaraRavel1 @FlockeKerry @LiseMcGlade @julie_pafford #Imagine2023 #SHK
Apr 16
It's impossible to summarize all of the amazing work from our researchers in one video. But we hope this gives a small glimpse into some of their endeavours!👨‍🔬👩‍🔬Nous espérons que cette vidéo donne un petit aperçu des efforts de nos chercheurs incroyables!🧪🔬#imagine2023 https://t.co/PyRNCqcAf2
Apr 1
Pierre Zundel


We’re pleased to see investments to ensure Indigenous students have better access to postsecondary education. We’re aligned on this point and believe more needs to be done. Outcome 1 in #imagine2023 focuses on enhancing relationships with FN and Indigenous communities. (3/4)
Mar 21
The Brenda Wallace Reading Room is now home to a painting by Group of Seven artist Franklin Carmichael thanks to a generous donation from Mrs. Lily Fielding!🎨Merci à Mme Lily Fielding pour le don de ce magnifique tableau de Franklin Carmichael! 🖌️#imagine2023 https://t.co/nqpaODVOuw
Jan 17
Thank you @LaurentianAlum for sponsoring our Holiday Surprise. The exam period can be a stressful time for our distance and online learners. The first 20 students who responded to our wellness email received a special surprise from Laurentian Online. #imagine2023
Dec 14
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