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Outcome 18 – Update – Over the hump!

Mar 24

UPDATE | Fall 2020

Laurentian University is fortunate to have some of the leading experts in areas of environmental stewardship of water and land.

Key Highlights

  • The Climate Risk Institute is in place under the leadership of its President, Al Douglas.
  • NRCan funded Indigenous community climate adaptation workshops led by Dr. David Pearson are now at a national if not international level of recognition.
  • John Gunn, one of Canada’s representatives on the EU ICP Waters Task Force, presented the 40 year Sudbury lake monitoring program results at Riga Latvia virtual meeting in May 2020.
  • The business case proposal for a Mine Waste Biotech Institute and an associated large CFI application is now submitted.
  • Laurentian has now recognized and begun a carbon offset forest program in support of the goals of the UN decade of Ecosystem Restoration.
  • A new environmental sustainability policy has been drafted.
  • LU signature online course: Environmental remediation – Global lessons from the Sudbury story has been released in both English and Spanish.
  • Drs. Basiliko, Mykytczuk and Roy-Léveillée were awarded a Canadian Foundation for Innovation grant in support of global permafrost research.

Next Steps

  • Hiring of a Canada Research Chair in Clean Water Technology is underway.
  • Implementation of a new environmental sustainability policy.
  • Continued work as identified in ongoing projects in the key highlights.

Curiosity drives our research

We will influence global audiences with our research and expertise in environmental stewardship of water and land.

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