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Outcome 14 – Update – In full swing!

Mar 24

UPDATE | Fall 2020

We will be a national leader in Indigenous education because of expanded Indigenous curriculum offerings across all faculties.

Sponsor: Provost and Vice-President Academic

Lead: Interim Associate Vice-President, Academic and Indigenous Programs

Work on this Outcome is part of Laurentian University’s core mandate and is deeply tied to the work of Outcome 21.

Key Highlights

  • Indigenous content courses have been established in the Faculty of Arts, Health, Education and in the McEwen School of Architecture.
  • LU Teaching Fellow (Indigenous) has completed their term to work with faculty in embedding Indigenous content in their courses.
  • Ongoing workshops have been conducted for faculty on: – Supporting Indigenous students
    • Exploring Indigenous resources at Laurentian University
  • At the onset of this strategic plan, a partnership agreement with Collège Boréal and Cambrian College was formed to support Indigenous student recruitment and create online modules regarding Indigenous approaches to teaching; $65,368 allocated to the developmental of these modules and $84,632 allocated to the creation of marketing tools and resources; funded by MCU.

Next Steps

  • Analysis of overall Indigenous curriculum course offerings in faculties and explore processes for maintained integrity and quality assurance.
  • Continued acknowledgment of Outcome 21 work that relates to this Outcome.

Teaching and learning define us

We will be a national leader in Indigenous education because of expanded Indigenous curriculum offerings across all faculties.

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