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Outcome 13 – Update – Complete and continuing!

Mar 24

UPDATE | Fall 2020

We will increase our capacity to offer flexible teaching and learning options through technology-enabled learning and teaching.

Sponsor: Provost and Vice-President Academic

Lead: Associate Vice-President, Learning and Teaching; Associate Vice-President, Information Technology; Director, Faculty Engagement

This Outcome has seen tremendous progress and will continue to be a core focus particularly with the increased alternative course delivery needs resulting from the pandemic. It is considered completed in terms of initial and additional investments that were dedicated to this Outcome.

Key Highlights

  • Assessment of current levels of technology enabled learning and teaching supports for both students and faculty has been completed.
  • A review of the online environment of the current learning management systems has been completed to determine if there are opportunities for enhancements.
  • Improved support of ongoing maintenance of teaching technologies in the classroom and continued exploration of opportunities to add new technological solutions.
  • New online courses for the 2019/20 academic year: PSYC 3256 EL 12 (completing the 4-year honours specialization BA in PSYC), PHYS 2506 EL 12 (enhances the course offerings in the PHYS continuation for the 3-year interdisciplinary Science degree), PSYC 4006 FL 12 (completes the 4-year major BA in PSYC en français).
    • Initially, 15 classrooms were identified for technology upgrades. These funds were diverted with additional resources to create six remote teaching classrooms and two hybrid classrooms in response to the pandemic.
    • These investments will be of great value post-pandemic as they enhance our delivery options.
    • Additional features added to D2L, Zoom, plus several new technological and pedagogical tools added to support faculty members in remote teaching.

Next Steps

  • Strategically increase online offerings.
    • New online courses in development: SOCI 3016 EL 12 (would allow for a 3-year BA in Criminology in English), MGMT 4033 EL 12 (to complete the current 2 + 2 BBA offered online).
    • Assess the completed review of the online environment of the current learning management systems to see what changes might be feasible for implementation.

Teaching and learning define us

We will increase our capacity to offer flexible teaching and learning options through technology‐enabled learning and teaching.

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