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Outcome 10 – Update – In full swing!

Mar 24

UPDATE | Fall 2020

Laurentian’s rapidly growing international student population will experience a welcoming campus community created by university personnel equipped with appropriate communication and cultural training.

Sponsor: Provost and Vice-President Academic

Lead: Associate Vice-President, Learning and Teaching; Director, Student Engagement; Director of Student Recruitment

This Outcome intersects with the implementation of the International Student Recruitment & Retention Action Plan, with a focus on enhancing international student outcomes through admission, academic, pre-arrival and online support, student mentorship, and meaningful integration of students on campus and in the broader community. Several units have adapted to be able to ensure that internationalization is a core priority.

Key Highlights

  • Teaching Fellow in Cultural Diversity and Globalization started in July 2020 in order to support faculty members and graduate teaching assistants in welcoming international students.
  • New Welcome Guide for international students.
  • Peer International Cultural Ambassadors program matches international students with incoming international students.
  • Broad collaboration on the plan for welcoming international students on campus in times of COVID-19, aligned to the Public Health Institutional Readiness Requirements for International Students.
  • Addition of regulated international student immigration advisors to provide direct immigration advice to students.

Next Steps

  • Continued adaptation and collaboration as mentioned above as we move beyond the pandemic.
  • Important consideration of intersections with work relating to Outcome 23 and of the new Ad Hoc Senate Committee on Racism and Discrimination.

Student success is our success

Laurentian’s rapidly growing international student population will experience a welcoming campus community created by university personnel equipped with appropriate communication and cultural training.

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