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Outcome 8 – Update – Complete and continuing!

Mar 24

UPDATE | Fall 2020

Laurentian students will become more familiar with Indigenous ways of being and principles of reconciliation through various aspects of campus culture.

Sponsor: Interim, Associate Vice-President, Academic, and Indigenous Programs

Lead: Interim, Director, ISLC

The ongoing activities and programming through the Indigenous Sharing and Learning Centre continue to support this Outcome along with the continued advocacy and work of the Indigenous Student Circle. The Office of Academic and Indigenous Programs continues to support the ongoing work of faculties to establish Indigneous content courses and work in collaboration with faculties.

Key Highlights

  • A Wiigwaam was built in collaboration with the Indigenous Student Affairs unit, the School of Indigenous Social Work and the McEwen School of Architecture as well as support from Atikameksheng Anishnawbek elder Art Petahtegoose.
  • A Truth and Reconciliation Task Force was established.
  • Anishinaabe Wadiziwin-Protocols for Working with Elders and Knowledge Carriers (document/handbook) was developed.
  • Kairos Blanket Exercise (1000+ students since 2015).
  • Collaboration with CAE for online Indigenous 101 modules.
  • Mental Health First Aid First Nation training for residence staff and student body.
  • Elder teachings delivered for community members (strawberry teachings, skirt teachings, Full Moon ceremonies).
  • Cultural activities, Makers’ Corner (star blankets, beading, moccasin making, etc.) offered.
  • Orange Shirt Day activities offered for community members.
  • Red Dress Campaign/Moose Hide Campaign activities offered for community members with steady participation.
  • Land based activities offered (medicine walks, snowshoeing and more).
  • Sacred Fires and Firekeeper training offered.
  • Monthly Drum Circles (men and women) for community members.

Next Steps

  • Continued efforts and projects related to: language revitalization; Oshkaabewis (helper) training and module program, History of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation; Treaty and you (working title), and a Wiigwaam teaching series.

Student success is our success

Laurentian students will become more familiar with Indigenous ways of being and principles of reconciliation through various aspects of campus culture.

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